Introducing the newest member of Lucky & In Love


World, meet Kat!


Lucky & In Love Arizona Wedding Planner Intern Katherine

Kat, a.k.a Katherine (you see where this could get confusing), is joining the Lucky & In Love team for the spring semester, and I (OG Katherine), could not be more thrilled. She is smart, hard working, bubbly and shares a love of cool coffee shops & fashion. And weddings, but that's a given. Without further adieu...

An Introduction

Hello there! My name is Katherine Lowery I am a freshman at Grand Canyon University. I am very happy to say that this is my very first internship. I met Katherine while she was working for Neiman Marcus. I found out she also had a wedding planning business, and from that moment, I knew it was meant to be. I am so happy to be interning because to me, witnessing love and planning fairytales for others is a dream job.

After thinking of the many random things I could tell you all about I thought of a list of fun facts about me.

  • The Wedding Planner = my favorite movie (coincidence? I think not.)

  • I'm an 18 going on 25-year-old

  • I have three brothers and the youngest one is the most protective of me. Thanks Robby! –Big Sis

  • I am 6ft tall and get asked if I play basketball on a daily basis. (I’ve never played)

  • Three food things I don’t like are bacon, pb&j sandwiches, and asparagus.

  • I LOVE coffe