10 Tips for Creating Your beautifully Styled Wedding


Well, friends, it is finally here. 

CAUTION: Long-winded post ahead. If you'd like to skip to the goods, read the last two paragraphs and/or skip ahead and visit the new "freebies" square at the right of the blog. Must remember to put a word count limit on my brain.

It's no secret that I have fallen madly in love with private estate weddings. I've been struggling to find a better word to classify these events, since "backyard" doesn't seem to do it justice. These are not your run of the mill, invite everyone over for Chipotle catering and fire pit songs, while two lovebirds quietly get hitched in the corner kind of events (although, don't get me wrong, I would NEVER turn down carnitas taco salad by the fire during a normal saturday evening).



We're talking full blown transformations. Installed dance floors over the pool, hand forged chuppahs with custom silk fabric, three-day load ins, custom bars and all night parties with special guests at midnight to close the party down (and by special guests I mean the police. Which has happened. It is not my favorite).

These events are BEYOND specialized to reflect the couple, which is something I personally value higher than anything when it comes to planning a wedding. Those special touches that make it you, that account for all of the nuances, inside jokes and memories of your dating & engagement adventure together. 

Planning these types of events is no joke. It takes loads of extra detail, planning, certainly double the rentals and a clear vision of what the end event will look like. It takes a special couple to take it on, but with the help of your friendly neighborhood wedding planner, it can ABSOLUTELY come to fruition. 

If booking a full service wedding planner isn't in the cards (a.k.a. the budget) , OR if a putting together "backyard" wedding is a bit of a reach - that is completely okay! You can still plan a perfectly unique, personalized and memorable event.

Now, wondering where to start?

A few months ago, two crazy talented industry pals of mine (Sarah & Melissa) came to me with the idea of creating a mini e-book PDF for engaged couples to start them on their planning journey.

We spent some serious time nailing down our absolute best ideas. And now, it's ready to share. See that block at the right of this blog titled "freebies"? All you have to do is let me know where to send it, and to who it's being delivered, and the 10 page guide will be on its way to you!

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