Friday Favorites: Part III

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Today is Friday. With a coffee in hand, and an event filled weekend on the horizon, I thought I'd take a quick pause to share some of the wonderful things inspiring me this week!

Friday Favorites

I'm loving these fall wedding color palettes, especially the Plum & Burgundy board. 

This food blogger is TOO cute for words, takes the prettiest pictures, cooks and bakes all kinds of wonderful treats in her small town in grand forks, north dakota. Just look at this gallery of recipes! What!? Why doesn't my food look like this.

Any OnceWed fanatics out there? I am so flattered that little ol' Lucky & In Love has been identified as a top vendor in Arizona! My profile is now up on the website, along with some seriously stellar vendors I love.

I am proud to say I've signed on to direct the photoshoot and styling for the next Ace & Whim fine art photography workshop in Scottsdale! Yay! All my wedding photog buds out there should seriously consider reserving your spot. The level of improvement and skill we've seen from last workshop's attendees is truly unbelievable. Karie & Field are two of the top fine art wedding photographers in our local industry, and the fact that they are willing to spill so many of the secrets that make them great is PRICELESS. Meet new friends, mentors, and expand your network with valuable contacts. I can't imagine not going if I had the opportunity! Okay, soapbox speech over.

Lastly, today is a very important day here in Arizona. The ban on same-sex marriage has been overturned, making it legal for everyone to take part in this wonderful thing we call government recognized piece of paper toting love!! Congratulations to all of the couples who made it downtown today to make it official!

Lots oh love and pumpkin spice wishes, Katherine



Friday Favorites: Part II




In an effort to spread a little more love & grateful feelings into the world, I've decided to start publishing a few lists here and there. Quick messages of thanks to the people, businesses and signs from the universe that made my life more fulfilled (and oftentimes, easier!) during the week. 

To Lola, my soul's match in a coffee shop, thank you for repeatedly letting me sit at your counter and drink your cinnamon americanos, while meeting with future clients and industry friends. You always have a few big ol peonies blooming, which make my heart smile. PS - the new art on display is killer. 

To Misha and Teresa, my cohorts in pith + marrow, thank you for another successful event. I'm so thankful to have stumbled on this wonderful friendship & business partnership! I'm SO looking forward to our staycation retreat. A little fire isn't going to stop this train ;)

To Olga, my eyebrow lady, you are good. Thank you for restoring my confidence to take over the world with great-brow-power.

To Neimans, thank you for welcoming me back with open arms, bringing me on to do a bit of freelance PR. It appears you knew I couldn't stay away for long. 

To my photographer friends, who I had the privilege to hang out with this week - you all are so talented!! Apologies for lurking your websites for so long and likely throwing off your analytics. Let's make up at least 5 excuses to work together asap. Mmmk? (cc: Daniel, Karie & Galaxie)

To Christopher, who helped me cover the hideous sage green walls of my office. I told you navy blue was a great idea.

To my in-home office, thank you for finally absorbing the smell of your fresh coats of paint. I think I nearly asphyxiated myself on Monday and Tuesday, which is not great for productivity. P.s. I love you. Working from home is the bees knees.

So tell me! Who or what made your life a little better this week?


Friday Favorites: Part I


This week has been killer. Killer awesome. killer filled to the brim schedule of work and fun, killer feelings of love for my friends & boyfriend and killer amounts of excitement for the months to come.

The official one month countdown started for my April bride & groom. This bride is one of the most stylish women I have ever met, and I can't begin to describe my excitement for this upcoming event. Think SoHo House West Hollywood meets upscale backyard bash. So chic!

On Wednesday, I had the opportunity to visit Second Story Liquor Bar to preview the new restaurant's fantastic offerings. Four courses, hand crafted cocktail pairings and gelato from SSLB's sister restaurant Gelato Spot - and I was in heaven. It was an amazing evening! I'm looking forward to heading back once it opens to the public this weekend.

Thursday morning I shot out of bed to head to Camelback Flowershop for a photoshoot with shop owner Teresa, and Misha West, a local editorial/event stylist & creative maven. The three of us are currently working on a very special, top secret, supremely awesome, collaborative project, which will launch early next week! So many stomach flutters!

And now, on Friday, plotting brunch with out of town girlfriends, Spring Training fun & a whole lot of work/play!

Rainbow sprinkles on a scoop of chocolate ice cream. Yep, that's what this week felt like.