The State of the Business: April


WHAT a busy month April has been, and we're still days away from the end. Wedding season is in full swing, with many of my weekends booked out for clients, but also friends!

Early in the month I met up with the ever so talented Alejandra. We chatted all things marketing (seth godin fans unite!), her (incredibly impressive) work with brand films, weddings and more. She has created a pretty stellar business/marketing/creative workshop, called The Motion Workshop for those interested in incorporating film into their business. A few days after we met, she asked if chris and I would be up to be the models for one of the styled shoots at the event...cue mouth gape & blushing katherine. I was so surprised and excited she asked - and can't wait for it to be here! The photos will be styled by my friend, stylist and pinfluencer Alex who has already put together some killer inspiration for the shoot!

Faster than anticipated (as it always happens), Jamie & David's wedding arrived. Their sophisticated backyard bash was a full five day installation. The rich dark wood tables for 100 were all staged on top of an artificial floor built over the pool - which you can only imagine what a feat it was to build. Let's just say I am OH SO thankful to not have been on wetsuit & snorkle duty.

Saturday was in a word, blissful. The weather cooled off to a warm, light breeze. Set up went smoothly, as we installed a custom full bar, complete with bookcases styled with small personalized details. We certainly took advantage of the bride's love of gold glassware! The ceremony was lovely, with the Rabbi including several quotes from comedians. Always a win.

I CANNOT wait to see the photos from this bash, shot by the talented Maria Del Rio.

The following week, while still lingering in a wedding adrenaline rush high, Teresa, Misha & I hosted our first pith + marrow event. The floral design class with an absolute hit (biased, but I swear our attendees would agree). We were completely full, with 20 new to advanced floral designers learning and crafting a dutch floral arrangement. We sipped on a little vino, snacked on delicious bites from Chestnut, made new friends, and had a pretty awesome evening. We've already sold tickets for our May event, and are brainstorming our next series! I had the privilege of meeting photographer Galaxie Andrews, who shot our event, who is a whole bunch of french fabulousness, on top of being a very genuine person. I am so looking forward to seeing how she captured our event!

This weekend, I'm hoping on a plane to celebrate my best friend Devin with a champagne brunch bridal shower & bachelorette combo weekend. So...Mimosas. That's all you really need to know.

Basically I've loved this month. I'll love the last few bits of it. And have a feeling May will be just as stellar.