Nailed it - The Manicure I'll Remember Forever


It was an average Thursday at Teres. I had scheduled my appointment with Amanda earlier in the week, knowing I was leaving bright and early Friday morning to drive to San Diego to see one of my fabulous brides for a venue tour, cake tasting, wedding dress shopping weekend of fun.

My girlfriend and I were planning on attending a "Witches Tea" pub crawl on Coronado over the weekend, given it was the weekend before Halloween, where we'd be in head to toe spooky attire parading all over the island and in Downtown SD scaring the daylights out of innocent passerby's (or just received really odd looks when 150 "witches" from ages 21-65 come rolling out of a double decker bus). I hemmed and hawed over whether or not to indulge in Halloween themed nails - possibly a spider web with silver sparkles, blood drips with deep red accents over a stark white base, bright orange jack o lanterns or even straight obnoxious lime green (because that's what I feel real witches would go for).

Needless to say, I chickened out. I went back to my old safe bubble - a little gold glitter, a little striping tape, over a killer grayish purple neutral. I have to admit I left with a pep in my step and was very pleased with my non-holiday related decision. 


Because little did I know, part II of my California tour to see another one of my amazing couples in San Francisco, and to spend a little time with the ol boyfriend Christopher on his business trip, would lead to... 

I'm engaged!!

That sneaky boyfriend (fiance!) of mine had the whole thing planned down to the minute. Picnic lunch after he picked me up from the airport, sunset at the same spot we watched the sunrise nearly 5 years ago, and the perfect "spin around to see your favorite guy in the whole world down on one knee with a box with nearly blinding contents on the inside" moments. I couldn't have made this better if I tried.

In two months (almost to the day it happened) we will start our 10th year or friendship. A decade of long distance visits, all night phone calls, vacations, dates, birthdays, breakups, state moves, eurotrips, graduations, new careers, new businesses and two fur babies to complete this little family of ours. And now were making it official. ALL THE FEELS. They just keep on coming.

This wedding planner is getting hitched!