Published! Arizona Weddings Magazine


Well it's official. After years of ghostwriting for clients, contributing to online magazines, blogging and guest blogging - I can finally say that I, Katherine Thornhill, am published in PRINT. Woohoo!


As I flipped through the pages of the new Arizona Weddings Magazine at the issue launch party last week, I stopped on the page that lists contributing writers, and managed to (mostly) subdue a giddy squeal as I saw my name. To hold your published piece, physically in your hand, is a joy that I couldn't have hoped to accomplish this early in life. 

This is real nerd speak, as the girl of my childhood silently cheers me on in the deserted aisles of the library where I used to spend my after school hours, my weekends and my summer breaks. I used to find a place in the back of the library, where passerby traffic was low (hint: historical non-fiction) holed up with a stack of books to read. I usually completed the "school's out summer reading challenge" within the first week of vacation. That fact, which used to embarrass me to no end, suddenly seems so obviously worthwhile as I strive to find more and more writing opportunities at this point in my career. I can't get enough! 

Back to the point. 

The Arizona Weddings Magazine June/July issue, now on newsstands, is a great publication packed full of ideas for your wedding. My two articles, on welcoming your guests and local photographers, can be found on pages 112 and 322 - BUT I highly suggest you flip through the entire 400+ page issue. She is a beaut.

View the Issue Here